copywriting and content marketing services

“Francesca, you keep saying you can help my business with the power of copywriting. What does that actually mean for me, though?”

I’m glad you asked!

Here’s a precise list of the copywriting and content marketing services I offer to help you grow your audience and connect with your fans (even the ones you don’t know yet).



Website copy

Creating the content for your website pages, like the home page, about section, and product descriptions to make both search engines and human visitors happy.

event coverage

From interviewing booth owners, writing an overview of event speakers, to hyping up your upcoming event on your blog and social media channels.

giveaway and competition copy

Cleverly written copy explaining your giveaway in-depth earns you more coverage and awareness of not just what you’re giving away, but your brand, too. Looks like your followers aren’t the only ones getting a prize 😉

press releases

Got an exciting piece of news you want to share? A press release helps inform the media about the specific details and generates hype.

sponsor deck

Succinct yet bursting with personality, your sponsor deck should be packed with the info your potential sponsors need to know, while showcasing the real you, too.

content marketing

content auditing

Auditing sounds yawn-worthy, I know. But it’s necessary. I help you find and record all of the content you’ve ever made so you can remove irrelevant stuff, improve what you’ve already got (Google LOVES updated content) and recycle blog posts into explainer videos, long form content into downloadables, etc.

editorial calendar creation

Scheduling blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, and social media posts. This also helps you recycle content to give you more bang for your content buck, but allows you to plan for content related to events and even campaigns, too.

recycling old content

Don’t let valuable content gather dust because it’s old! Update your past content to be more relevant (search engines adore updated content) and change up the formats. You benefit from taking old comments from old content to spark new ideas, too!

discover ideal blog topics

Using knowledge and feedback from your customers, learn what they find interesting and helpful to read, and place yourself as an expert in your field by generating amazing content.

10x content creation

Amp up the effectiveness of your content by creating long form articles, pillar pages, and topic clusters, maximising your impact on SEO.