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Meet Francesca Harrall

I level up tech + gaming businesses through the power of positive words, writing addictive copy and marketing content 🎮

Hi, I'm Francesca, and since 2011, I have worked with switched-on clients from Scotland to Sydney, learning what makes their customers and audience tick.

I relish the opportunity to work with companies who are passionate about creating fun and education.

Taking confusing concepts and breaking them down so everyone can understand them, I enjoy making information more accessible through copy.

Want to turn strangers into fans and champions of your brand? I can help with that.

Writing concisely, simply, and always eager to tell a story, my experience was made for your tech brand.

Rubbing shoulders with tech companies and game devs at large events and online communities help me create content that shows off your brand’s voice and personality.

If you love and celebrate your customers, and need help communicating your WHY, we could be damn good together.

  • Maybe you're struggling to figure out the kinds of content you need to create to grab your audience's attention?

  • Perhaps you have lost track of the content you've created in the past, letting it gather dust instead of squeezing every last bit of value out of it?

  • Or you're unsure of what your audience even want to read? Or what the point in creating valuable, impactful content really is?

I get it.

The world of copy and content marketing can be confusing and it's difficult to find your way or know that you're doing the right thing unless someone is guiding you.

With my help, we can create copy that's:

  • Persuasive, not pushy

  • Easy to read, impossible to put down

  • Truthful, insightful, and helpful

  • Free from cliches or generic messages that no-one wants to read

Content marketing will help you:

  • Figure out whom you're helping, and why

  • Plan content for now and the future

  • Reach more of the people who will become your champions

  • Audit and recycle your current content into even more amazing and compelling pieces

So: What are you waitin' for?

Get in touch and let’s get started right now!

Email: hello@francescaharrall.com

When i’m not levelling up your business…


… I can be found playing video games - indie adventures, mostly - reading fantasy fiction and sci-fi, travelling to gaming events, learning to bullet journal, drinking strong coffee, and tinkling away on guitar and ukulele.