Warm, personable voice for corporate videos, narration, and guided meditation tracks.

Bringing your written content or story to life through voice gives it a completely new dimension.

But finding a voice to fit your project can be tricky – and a unique decision depending on what mood you want to convey!

I’m a British female voiceover artist.

If you need calming, warm, friendly tones with a genuine feel, we’d work great together.

Here’s my demo reel:

Click to listen to some of my samples

High-quality audio that isn’t distracting to your listener is important to you – that’s why I record from my purpose-built studio with studio-grade equipment.

As your voiceover artist, you can work with me on:

✔️ Narrating your fiction or non-fiction audiobook

✔️ Guided meditation or hypnotherapy tracks

✔️ Voiceovers for explainer videos

✔️ The voice for your answering machine or switchboard

And on top of that, your finished files will also come with:

✔️ Audio editing to remove background noise, hissing, or unwanted peaks

✔️ ‘Topped and tailed’ files (no long silences before or after the spoken portion)

Hiring Francesca is one the BEST decisions I’ve ever made in my business! It’s not easy to find freelance professionals who are all-around awesome, but Francesca is consistently positive, professional and a pleasure to work with at all times. I always feel like my community is in great hands and I love the ideas she comes up with. She’s the genius behind some of our best video & blog content, and I’m so thankful to have someone I can trust to create resources that I couldn’t have done myself. The value she’s brought to the company and community cannot be overstated – she is truly a legend to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Claire Gosteli, Creative Entrepreneur