copywriting & content marketing for gaming & tech.

The world of copy and content marketing is as foggy as Silent Hill, as frustrating as Dark Souls, and it's difficult to find your way or know that you're doing the right thing unless someone is guiding you.

Your fans couldn't give a crap about hollow marketing and fake promises.

They've seen it all before (and probably eyerolled at it).

Instead, they want to get to know the real you, and WHY they should care about your business.

I create authentic, addictive copy and help you market your gaming or tech brand's content to turn strangers into cheerleaders.

Let's work together to conjure up addictive website copy, long form blog posts, and make a plan for the future of your content creation game.

Push your way to the front of the crowd and show your audience that you're the expert they're looking for.

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Why content marketing?

Figuring out what to write, when, and how often is time consuming and frustrating.

Especially when you’re so focused on your next product launch, preparing for an upcoming event, or trying to fix those last minute bugs.

Now imagine having to keep tabs on where all of your current content is, what it's about, and what to do with it, on top of all that.

Enough to make you pull your hair out, am I right?

Content marketing helps you manage everything you've ever created, transforms your old content into new content, makes a plan for your future content creation needs, and figures out what the hell your audience want to read in the first place.

Let's create a content schedule, discover your ideal blog topics, and leverage your customer feedback to generate even more kick-arse content that your customers will eat up.


Why is copy important?

Your business isn't about the 'what' but the WHY.

You care deeply about your customers, fans, and players.

You understand that customer happiness and quality of service are just as important, maybe even MORE important than what you're selling to them.

Your positive attitude towards your audience are what set you above the rest.

You need copy to help you own your place in your industry.

Copy convinces and converts (if it's done correctly) and builds your credibility, expertise, and hype levels.

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Hi, I'm Francesca, and since 2011, I have worked with switched-on clients from Scotland to Sydney, learning what makes their customers and audience tick.

If you love and celebrate your customers, and need help communicating your WHY, we could be damn good together.